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O Poder da Matemática ou a Matemática como Metáfora (ISCTE, Lisbon 2007)

   O Poder da Matemática ou a Matemática como Metáfora
   O poder da Matemática ou a Matemática como Metáfora ( Soluções dos TPC's)

Applications of Mathematics to Socio-Economic Problems (Bielefeld 2008)

   An empirical characterization of the market process: The fractional volatility model
   Notes on fractional Brownian motion and stochastic integration
   Introduction to fractional calculus
   Agent-based models: The market and other stories
   Structure-generating mechanisms in agent-based models
   Game theory and neuroeconomics
   Network dependence of strong reciprocity
   The geometry of the market
   Statistical analysis of time series: Gibbs measures and chains with complete connections
   Risk and risk measures
   The quantum modality of knowledge. Games and decision

Introdução à análise estocástica e aplicações (ISCTE, Lisbon 2010)

   Probabilidades e processos. Noções básicas
   O movimento Browniano
   Introdução à Matemática Financeira
   Nem tudo é Browniano, nem tudo é Gaussiano
   Soluções dos exercícios

Networks and hypernetworks (UAM, Madrid 2010)

   Topology, dynamics and applications
   Dynamics on networks
   Networks in economy

Topics in signal analysis and process reconstruction (UAM, Madrid 2012)

   Non-commutative tomography: A tool for data analysis and signal processing
   Further theoretical developments in non-commutative tomography: Waiting for applications
   Random sampling and superoscillations: "Beating" Nyquist's rate
   Reconstruction of processes with long-range dependence

Communities and signal processing on graphs (UAM, Madrid 2014)

   Community detection and spectral clustering
   Signal processing on graphs
   Correlations and synchronization in collective dynamics

Inference and signal processing (UAM and Francisco de Vitoria, Madrid 2016)

   Inference, entropy and maximal entropy networks
   Signal processing on graphs: Transforms and tomograms
   Wavelets, wavelet networks and the conformal group

PATTERNS:    Detection, recognition and reconstruction